18 mai 2024

Joe Biden in Hush-Macron Payement

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After Trump being affairal in his hush-financial money campaign, Joe Biden is suffering another blast in his deputee electory campaign considering Ultra-Rich payement placement and payements taxes abroad G-7 Ukraine aid campaign issue money.

From yet another illegal press aid Geogia set treasury holding in Congress Hall Representative belonging to the The Republicains, Democrats have raised their $61 million bag for Ukraine considering chamber in Representative were oppositing holding and not benefic favor fact Democrat amaining pourcentual counting higher than considerated Democrat chamber administration.

But major mistake logic is saying money from 2016 mandat campaign Trump aimed Iran and China trade available, money mere drop from money drug value and liable treasurary illegal unideclared money taxes and laws still fragil considering mandat is first ATLANTITLITLITIE position before victory standings artificial Biden longing.

In France, all but seven G-7 star favor France Eurovision market G-7 leadering Macron Edouard’s, the Prince is not facturing all his bills since travelling Paris 1986 railroads programme Anne Hidalgo best prospects payements employees constructing Paris 2024 Olympics Games and classifing metro city programs.

Atlantlitlitlie cooperatives issued Universities lack of consideration, families promess state money, and marges are employing hundreds persons in Hush-Macron Aloyalty favor’s Prince and put system fiscal into consideration charges are not domestics declared and Macron enriching fortune taxe system untoldelling reality employement.

In Hush-Tancredo Neves system, some in favour are not prepareing well, and 2024 could be another victim crediting shares on responsabilities world’s on someone else and not relay effort on real person in charge.

Macronism, and we have another trial on Georgea’s Olympic Paris Seine Favor.

article by Sergio Limoli-Filho, New York Times, on slimolifilho.com proposal, BFM journalist.

tuesday, 14h may 2024, 02:09 am.