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many things are happining these last days in the US-. 

when last thinking every moment is lost and peaseble, an event occor and we are talking trash again. 

Not responsible to my single birth, but thus far we are questionning how far Joe Biden, still a good president to memory to gestionnure united states of america, but stalks personnality a problem to face reality and accusations to shorrows scandals and informations caracters he is or he is not old and fatigable personnality.

To hurrington case mother, canibalism, seen Nice south of France position, to insult journalist in front of CNN of stupid question, this a rent, where are the libertin debates, the Democrats can not win churches and Eglises, and evoque mariage to homo.

Yes, they can.

FBI, an institution, folk distribution, holds to 9 millions diplomats getting reunit to land mark and broke rule statement. 

Diana Ross is a judge civil state graned, formed police departement Texas officiriants, Chantal Azoulay responsability natted. 

The moment, for all, real name is Lonela Ross, mother to Ben Harper Smith, the famous singer, already implicated judging the 11th september process, and frequently to rue grammont street in Nice where Ilive to seek implotement, the convoi de la liberté from Canada to expire governement mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi friend to Canada ministiriand the same Alexandre Riveira, Alex Thibeaudaud. 

Cases sophisticated, japhet stein is fluent to Nice where a society he created named ISCASH issues and deliveries passeports to people hanged marriage homo to through FBI strenghts Stephen Curry nba hero three pointer in France a relation songer rapper named Medine radicalisant youth francaise stage on. 

For over there, 9,969,979 million persons are concerned, they marry homo and get passeports, original passeports are locked out because illegality revenu declaration and join program to Europe terrorism participation Echange Programm created by FBI director Richard Svenson, name Stephane Azoulay, married gay to Chantal Azoulay doctorant psychiatric I but comminville lycee highschool already atlanta chare community and founder AAA so cannibalism and pedophilia threatement her mother, Marine Le Pen. 

millions deserves passeports Echange Progamm, Anne Pellerin sells thems through TAWAINCASH, founder originiallty, and Chantal Azouly biometric prints information bombs on their passeports, Lonela Ross delivers theirs blank passeports before impression thank. 

Chantal Azoulay, a conception of medecine care through the world, the way the world should be diriged, but investments and profits theirs her policies bests. 

And the mandat 2020 goes, Joe Biden launched the gay marriage in the United States of America through the yet another scandle diriged the FBI institution plancher. 



New York Times proposal. 

Friday, april the 1st, 07:57am. 


sergio limoli-filho.

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