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George Floyd James. Father to Lebron James, NBA superstar Los Angeles Lakers rules player, father itself to terrorist german soccer player Marcus Traore, brother to Assada Traore, daughter of already Black Live Matter.

How television influencies realities is bothering. 

Mandat 2016-2020 donald Trump fail to sign extradition of prisoners musulmans of Iran in the USA following World Cup 90 administrate Joe Biden USA Governement representant through George Bush curtosy to control body FIFA organization chasing world leader influent Sepp Blatter Honly Banks firm interested Joe Biden father to Tiffany Kimberly jowylery heritiere horlogery Kimberly House Banks bigger fortune in the USA. 

The Second Chance programm to Joe Biden mandatory to 2020-2024 mandat programm organized by LeBron James and French ED HARRIS (true name Freidreich Harris Frederick) from Nice, France and Anne Debray,  University Cote d’Azur. 

Influent money is from Osadie TV Disney Channel 523 million dollars per hour from CNN and controlling CNN network TV, financing programm Biden’s.

Biden believes Iran prisonners can restay in the USA soil seeking working progress and happy family issues, however agreed billion money contract with Iran to build mosquees in the USA like Texas undersoil mosquees discovered FBI Eric Nicholson republicain manhattan mayor New York. 

936 billion million dollars per mosquee is the cash Biden takes per mosquees built in America territory. And terrorism war never ceasses.


sergio limoli filho, to slimolifilho.com 20th april 2021 as 02:55 am. 


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