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Imagine a second a win for  a next turn would inherit you into another world.

eight years of democrats assistancies Barrack Obaam »s gesture is enough trading seeing ateglia best pick would ever be greater than educational aids for population poor but radicalisation providing turning in prisons changing.

What FBI Anne Pellerin and Linsday Hasley discovered yet in France southern of Nice is chocking. 

Hospitals HEPAD in France are said to loan prisonners second chance belief’s opportunities in life towards eyes or coast in the crossern border, thus giving access building areas of non zone second life under the soils of the buildings costings uses of policies of legadgings reserves muslim persons from Irak standings. 

over 700+ floors underground found of 16 million+ habits of muslims nearer roring standings eager for terrorism activisties in form shape of due tranding forming epuration serving Irak and Iran in Europe modern. 

Bateglia is Joy Biden assessor assitant main and for that reason – I do not vote democrats this term and will support from slimolifilho.com 700 million worldwide readers Donald’s Trump in its campain for the 2020 november USA’s Election middleship middeltery day. 

Donald Trump, protecting the USA, a certain opportunism. 

  • article by the Interpol board and the FBI; rule signed James Donalen – Irish Times and The New York Times Linsday’s Holan. 

thank you.


sergio limoli-filho.

By slimolifilho

journaliste, mais surtout passionné de culture; infos autour de l'informatique, internet, de meme politique et conseiller en communication visuelle numérique. Designs, facilités, lectures, jeux videos, un parfum d'ecriteur et un parfum de compétences. Melées d'art et de musiques electro, chanteur, studieux, diplomé. Living life.

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