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funny last night I though presidents were presidents.

we, people, were people.

therefore I saw barry sanders – democrats fits – saying brazil a lord story ain’t such.

I just saw that, barry sanders doing medecine leadership representation Rotary in Brazil name Barry Rotary in Brazil, thus connecting Rotary with Harvard named Harvard Ierlay School of Commerce and Business Barry Sanders, registered in pentagone’s office name Barry Sorols Role Saul name, the actor gillian anderson saw – but did not report – last night were barry sanders in brazil’s person’s ruddy haddad this passport name exactly in Britain meghan’s relation grand name’s ricky haddad, and in brazil’s name ricky hadddad; in american passport rik ah haddaddd; 

that saying, barry sanders and ruy haddahd in brazil policy are two equals are the same.

believeble story, barry sanders, a democrat, is registered republican in the us.

name of barry haddad rudy haddad barry haddadh rudy haddad barry haddadh rudy haddadh barry haddadh rudy sanerers name (‘name’ included), barry haddadh. 

in that last figured option named, barry haddadh has 2233 votes signed in his name on’s, and none of thoses voted on the first two question by the congress. 

anne debray, under the name of, pelosi clinton helded the congress that memorial night and donald trump sure were happy the next session.

correct trump – 2233 votes awaiting for you.

name that. senator barry sanders (true name), actually on my name, senator virial roynicholson, sanders limoli sergio filho (full attached name) and after roy nicholson, ending then sergio filho limoli, correct name of I, president of the congress and the republican party.

issued harvard, attending one day medecine there, i await barry sanders sintoning. 

lonelling laughing, would I.

can Amandine Darren win democrats treasure?

Trump, what’s your fixe, say where?


sergio limoli-filho, 13th january of 2020, since Nice, France, 6:18PM, many thank you.

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