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terrorism in manhattan?

duchuvny productions boys sa, a porno movie film discovered paying installaments  in favor of the new york knicks and senator eric saul nicholson republican party media sa, a new media for the madison square garden semi private channel belonging to sergio filho limoli (correct name in the actual italian passport), under the name of amandine darren productions films sa, a company stolen by gillian anderson films and the fbi series sa but in the name of david duchuvny best film productions sa boys sa. 

david duchuvny under that company finances the travellling costs of the new york knics, that bellongs to sergio filho limoli, curtosy of the fbi administration, under the name of the anne pellerin fleur administration, eric saul production anne pellerin fleur administration fbi rulling name sa, full name of it. 

eric saul is the current adminstrator of sergio filho limoli money’s and the new york knicks david’s flatzier director name under the name of eric saul pentagone roy nicholson administration amandine picard name sa (exactly full plently name of such);

david builted david fbi administration and hired eric sauf (correct name) to direct the pentagone but with no authority any from the fbi onu nonely. 

david fbi adminnistration also created another pentagone not validated administration, named CIA david duchuvny fbi administration, rulling through curtosy of barrack obama, that leads  NOT otan’s french juridicially police officiemient force created recently issued from sergio filho limoli’s work in favor of OTAN and ONU, in order to have FBI entering countries exterior to the united states borders or frontiers. 

duchuvny also seems to work extendly with david obama’s best buricillion friend michael jordan. 

buricillion is ex-knicks player stephan marbury. 

michael jordan has been kidnapped from duchuvny authority, in a place named aldeia de jesus, la reserve pentagone, better name. 

bitcoins are being introduced with that inside the new york knicks.


i, roy nicholson, wants duchuvny david out of the FBI ever, and eric saul sacked in fine. 


sergio limoli-filho or sergio filho limoli, currently exact name, on 13th january of 2020, since Nice, France, at 3:50 PM local time.


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