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non, gens du voyage, s’il vous plait.

National Act Deal, remember that in 2016?

dear jamson, 

i wrote to you in a single tweet how run your programm through a simple a deal. America is the best.

i did not wrote to you how to exclude any candidator leir, i did not candidate any lyier laar candidate heer. 

i did wrote to because i though my mom where my feds i though to.

i wrote to you i belivied in a geat america leading the japs or the circuits chine coats more than I do. 

i actually even believed united we could join states higher we could. 

never seen so many chimps living goulags big cities hospitals more than france do.

i not brake the rules?

dear democrats,

senates doesnt believe after the National Act the National Deal is great too.

more simpler to belief question miss france awards regards darren do, barry sanders is option too. 

Senat do not compose my voting to, I snap that shool I recall election is due over dude is. 

More thant destitution, let de 8020 milk california dream become reality, driving that morris johsnon smile a big hug Iran hat california, hot seated drifted ballon explosing Irak after, Iran a reholm seen kowait named after her. 

amandine darren, what a mess beeig past throught her. 

more hopes than I do. 

dear nicholson, I wrote to you.


roy nicholson, sergio limoli-filho, january the 4th 2019 since Nice, France, 7:20 AM ; cnn international. 

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