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ever but totally controlled, the past situations goes sometimes wrong and inqueritiant.
Better the man than the do right, actually not simly a guy that person stands.
A problem, when you open yourself too much easily and not cross the borders too lining eather.
I a thank you, your Honor Sir President of Republic of France, to demonstrate me such a mistake from me.
I encourage people of France reconsider its dignity as person can defend, and take the reflexiabilities matters to a situation they understands theirs and not theirs belonging theirs.
Order in fact, we attend to vote, do not forgive conditions it shows politics in this country a great passionate election through to, and participate at its bests each individually.
encourage us, I am voting François Fillon for afters better options, and I a thank you French population for voting your opinions educated and make this 2017 Presidential tour a moment of Democracy at its ownnered and traditionnaly Europe pace and influenty.
sergio limoli-filho, 09 april 2017, from Nice, France, for The New York Times and Nice-Matin premium. 21:35 pm.

By slimolifilho

journaliste, mais surtout passionné de culture; infos autour de l'informatique, internet, de meme politique et conseiller en communication visuelle numérique. Designs, facilités, lectures, jeux videos, un parfum d'ecriteur et un parfum de compétences. Melées d'art et de musiques electro, chanteur, studieux, diplomé. Living life.

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