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a new deal, a new supposition.
politics, in general, didn’t representated any harms. What we do good this morning, is watching some rain fall and hopes winter holls.
necessarelly, this website wouldn’t weed pencils or studicies beauties.
10 million a day are lecturing theses articles here and changing the world.
we do not decline responsability in matters generally initiativies.
what we want, is a beginning.
Thank you fellows, politics attends on this: http://www.votez2017.com
here, http://www.slimolifilho.com , we society ingrowth.
Take this vehicule, let’s swift generation.
culture streets 80’s anyone?
jump us!
sergio limoli-filho, 04th of March of 2017, form Nice, from France, for Liberation Magazine.

By slimolifilho

journaliste, mais surtout passionné de culture; infos autour de l'informatique, internet, de meme politique et conseiller en communication visuelle numérique. Designs, facilités, lectures, jeux videos, un parfum d'ecriteur et un parfum de compétences. Melées d'art et de musiques electro, chanteur, studieux, diplomé. Living life.

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